8 Small Kitchens, Modern And Delicious

8 Small Kitchens, Modern And Delicious

The kitchens are small and are more frequent in contemporary homes, where every centimeter counts. But how to make the most of available space without sacrificing style Let’s find out in this Book of Ideas 8 small modern kitchens and delicious from which we can take inspiration to create a charming setting despite its size.

Integrated into the living

We are looking for an idea to separate the small kitchen from the living room, but did not divide it completely from the living area We could take a cue from this architect’s proposal http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. ALBERTO COLELLA and also enter our house a glass door between the two environments. It is a solution is very trendy and very loved by architects and interior designers, enabling us to maintain the integrated kitchen in the living room, although if necessary the possibility of creating two distinct spaces.

Shades of gray

Different shades of gray and a long rough wooden counter here is the elements that make it unique and special this elegant small Scandinavian-inspired cuisine. The dark resin plan contributes in fact to give a refined touch to the environment, while choosing the raw wood gives joy and liveliness, making it also ideal for homes with a single or young couples.

Its irregular structure

How to decorate a small kitchen characterized by an irregular structure Let’s take a look at this fascinating example proposed by Arch. Mariantonietta CANEPA a project of elegant and refined cuisine, where the oblique of the work plan is the catalyst elements of the room thanks to the decision to focus on access contrast between the gray of the granite and the whiteness of furniture and walls.

the transition

Our kitchen is located on the crossing point We take inspiration from this example and we focus on clean lines and muted colors – maybe even the total white – so you may create a feeling of lightness and bring up the transition less cramped.

Lively and effect

We fear that with a small kitchen should we resign ourselves to soft colors and sober furnishings We are assured, with some little trick we could have the luxury of a modern cheerful and colorful kitchen although concentrated in a few square meters. As in this example proposed by STUDIO CARUSO, characterized by bright red furniture. The important thing is to focus on space-saving elements – such as the refrigerator in small format – that does not unduly occupy the field.

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