A Country House to Lose the Head

A Country House to Lose the Head

This project of ZANON ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI is simply a dream! A country house, of ivy-covered houses, which in themselves have a unique charm, has been expanded, with the construction of a glass and iron corten volume, by its distinctive industrial character. A bold match, which could not have been more successful. In the new volume there is room for a fluid and spacious living area, full of interesting details and design pieces. The living room goes up to a relaxation area with fireplace and everything is inextricably linked to the setting, thanks to the large windows that turn the panorama into a founding part of these interiors.

Volumes and materials

Here is the house seen from the outside, is not it spectacular Green is the overwhelming and undeniable element in the beautiful garden, perfectly groomed, is added the ivy, which connotes the facade of the pre-existing part. The new volume, though having an industrial character, seems to be there ever since.

The new volume

The corten iron is just perfect to fit into such a rustic setting and glass is the element that creates a strong bond with the landscape.

The livingroom

By entering, you do not really have the feeling of being closed, green continues to be the dominant element. This space is dedicated to relaxation and fits in a perfectly perfect setting. The fireplace was obviously revisited in a modern key, so it would integrate with the new built. Note the iconic Eames armchairs.

An overview

The space is really wide and this reminds us of the idea of ??freedom that stands outdoors, in perfect consistency with the project.

The kitchen

The kitchen is professional, with steel furniture and an industrial look that is well-matched with rustic tiled flooring.

The mezzanine

By climbing you can enjoy a bit of relaxation under these beautiful wooden beams painted in white. The balloons allow the flow of light and all spaces, both above and below, are very bright.

Take advantage of every corner

Now for sure you will be wondering how to access the top level, is not it In fact, there seems to be no way of accessing them, but little will be done to realize the trick. What seems to be a simple shelter for dispensing is nothing but a true scale. This is an item studied in detail, a winning idea for a winning project!

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