Accel World vs Sword Art Online Game and Anime Review

As a fan of fantasy, unique anime, normally I stumbled upon the rewarded Sword Art Online, one of the most famous and recognized animes at this point. Still, after I suffered all 48 episodes of this entirely plain looking, uninspired, lengthy clutter, I definitely lost some expectation in the current anime community. So, on my seek out a true good gaming anime-based, I discovered Accel World. Perhaps I was still floored by SAO but I could definitely take pleasure in the extremely generic, cliché Accel World a lot more. Genuinely, I wouldn´t think about any of them a “good” anime, yet the existence of Accel World and SAO in the same game made me concerned about Bandai Namco´s little-hidden game-series about SAO. Did it remain a great, entertaining game, although I can´t be understood by the sole presence of too-cool-to-be-true main characters like Kirito?

Yes, I have a lot of criticism toward Sword Art Online anime. But, don’t get me wrong. I do love the first season Sword Art Online when the story still focuses on Aincrad arc and romantic relationship between Kirito and Asuna, but later it emerges the harem element, that ruins the show. I have read several anime reviews regarding Sword Art Online, and they have the same opinion with me. For example, just check this site out and you will find more detail about anime review including Sword Art Online. Almost all anime review site told me that the “harem” element ruins SAO! It’s so tragic!

Accel World vs Sword Art Online Game and Anime Review

While Accel World VS Sword Art Online´s scenario is not even close to being original, offering us a story wherein the Accel World main cast gets teleported into the Alfheim Online by way of time travel. Even though its name, both of these worlds don´t combat with each other but rapidly get together against some other generic evil tyrant. Ultimately, they wipe out the evil and in the end, everything is going to be happy again and everybody´s thankful they met. It’s similar to the original author style of both SAO and Accel World. Really, I didn´t count on much in the beginning but at least the game´s name made me imagine I could combat with the other world and encounter a much more exciting plot solely centering around the already well-known characters. Pffttt…

Yet, not a thing concerning story is anything more than a typical good vs evil story, lost almost any surprises, wonderful dialogues or outstanding moments. Accel World VS Sword Art Online had the potential to become better, it might have been better than creating a boring villain. It also doesn´t add something new to the heroes or the world too, giving me no factor to be interested in the scenario, if it wouldn´t include Accel World/SAO heroes and lore. Considering I´m not extremely keen on these worlds I couldn´t get something out from the story other than some awesome events scattered in this 1/2 lengthy play times long narrative.

Additionally, Accel World VS Sword Art Online can´t even send you to the quests, that will reveal to this story. Many times I got just lost in the world, a result of the deficiency of any quest markers, very much the same to many conditions in Tales of Zestiria. The not very good layouts dragged down by abysmal ground textures on PlayStation 4 and entire undetailed surroundings do their part in having almost everything look similar. Ignoring the character art style nothing extremely shines by way of distinctive design and appears to be simply poor to decent, even for the Vita port.

Despite the fact that I discovered it extremely clean to fly around the world, capable of landing or get started in anywhere and anytime I’d prefer. It’s not only fast enough to make a functioning travel mechanic but additionally an awesome sensation feature all around. Combined with the ability to battle in the air, much like Dragon Ball´s verticality I guess, it´s the only real working unique element about Accel World VS Sword Art Online.

Through the campaign, the biggest element of our time is going to be invested on battling all types of mobs of the SAO Alfheim world. While you can find combos, blocks, special attacks, dashes, and just about everything else, no facet truly adds something new or provides something invisible. Again, the battle also is real standard. Surely it´s fun, responsive and the flight movements let several fascinating moves, yet no matter how interesting it could be, any Senran Kagura-style game or practically something can offer an either far better or as good experience. Without the need of the ability to fly I truly wouldn´t find out any feature that could set the gameplay beyond some other open-world action RPGs. Like in each and every other game you explore the plain looking dungeon, battle repeating enemies and improve your character. Accel World VS Sword Art Online does not ever astound me in any way whatsoever.

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