An Abandoned Garden Returns to Shine

An Abandoned Garden Returns to Shine

Gardens! There are times when you are tempted to floor everything and do not worry anymore! But do not be overwhelmed by frustration with a little effort you can get a fabulous garden! If you do not believe it, take a look at this project, thanks to which a wild and wild garden has been transformed by a talented gardener into a true corner of paradise. No matter how much your situation is hopeless here you will find the right ideas from which to draw inspiration. But now we are following each passing step of this extraordinary metamorphosis!

First cute but destructed

Those who do not have a weakness in spontaneous gardens, but if we really need to use our outer space best, we need to be better structured. Wait to see how all the potential of this land plot has been exploited!

The project

It will not be the largest garden in the world, but this project seems to be one of the best! With its timeless flowerbeds and a pretty terrace, all in perfect harmony, this space looks very delicious. We just have to see how the project has become reality.

After a great use of natural materials

Look at how slate has been used to create tidy but original flower beds. The consistency of the whole set is great, with slate slabs used to create an elegant but robust border. The idea of ??leaving a natural and spontaneous arrangement of plants within the flowerbeds is also ingenious.

After a little lawn

Many people are convinced that a garden can not be complete without at least a small lawn area; Here, in fact, the turf has given the final touch to the work! The soft bends are very original and give the impression of a greater amplitude of the garden.

Next Adding stop points

As we have seen, a comfortable terrace was included in the garden; However, it may be a good idea to add a bench too to enjoy a relaxing moment immersed in the green. Perfect for the lazy summer days or just to take a break during the day, there’s a bet that anyone would make false cards to get some rest here!

After a modern and functional fence

Breathing to the garden by removing part of the hedges was a great idea, also because it left space to a pretty wooden fence that immediately gave warmth and personality to space. Classic and beautiful, liven up the entire outside area!

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