Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Fine hair has a tendency to do its own thing, no matter what a woman had planned to do with it. Curl it, shape it, comb it, gel it: regardless of the effort you put in, if fine hair is too long, it might not cooperate. Meanwhile, there is no single bob ‘look’ which is right for every face. Here are some bob hairstyles for fine hair and some tips that will help the wearer look good without fuss and frustration.

First of All, Some Basics about Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

There are so many variations on the regular bob theme that it becomes clear why this is such a popular choice. Think about it: you could have long bangs over your eyebrows or comb them loosely to one side. Your hair could be all one length or layered. The layers could be wavy, curly, or straight. And what about the sides: layered to frame the face or long and sharp? These are just a few of the options that go into shaping bob hairstyles for fine hair.

How will your hairdresser know which bob hairstyles for fine hair are best?

When choosing a style, a hairdresser is looking at the shape and features of a customer’s face. He takes into consideration the following:

  • Length of your face
  • Width and size of your face
  • Pronounced features (nose, chin)
  • Sharpness of cheekbones


Remember that some things about your visage will change over the years too. When you were a teen, your cheekbones might have been softly rounded. Later, with age, they became sharper and your face got thinner (or you put on some weight and your face became rounder). One bob haircut is not going to last a lifetime, which is half the fun. Change it often and get a new look that suits you as you change.

What is right for my face?

If you have a sharp, long face with a long nose, then bob hairstyles for fine hair are ideal. A pixie is too short, causing your nose to stick out. A long hairstyle tends to elongate your face even further. Stick with bob hairstyles for fine hair which soften the look. Go for wavy layers or a face-framing shape. Regular-length or side-swept bangs are best if you have the time to keep them at a reasonable length and look after them.

Someone with a small face can get away with the very short cut. In fact, the less hair this person has the better. If her face is small, then too much hair will overwhelm and cover her features. These need a chance to stand out.

A heart-shaped or mid-sized face with small features is ideal for bob hairstyles for fine hair which get a bit more experimental. For instance, longer bangs are fine on this person. She can wear long lines at the front and shorter ones at the back. This customer can wear curls, layers, waves, or a straight cut.

The round-faced woman wants a straight cut to sharpen her lines and provide contrast. This could even be a square-cut bob (straight bangs and side).

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