Chevy Blazer 2017 Review and Price along with Its Specification

Chevy Blazer 2017 review and price tells us about the improvement about the car. The car is highly recommended for those of you who enjoy traveling in comfort and style. The market trend for SUV these days is one with higher wheelbase. Therefore, this car is also incorporating the same design as well. However, some improvements are added in order to make the car looks standout. Other than the improved facelift, the car is also equipped with powerful engine specification. In general, the car is able to accelerate in the city roads without any problems.

Detailed Specification of Chevy Blazer 2017 Review and Price

Chevy balzer 2017 review price

Since the car is already available in the market since the early 2017, we can get detailed specification about Chevy Blazer 2017 review and price. The most noticeable thing about this car is its exterior. It comes in blazing red color scheme. Nothing is more outstanding than this color in the city roads. The front fascia is thicker with smooth curves. The transition between hoods and windshield is smooth. Therefore, it has aerodynamic aspect. The radiator grille is divided into two sections separated by thick stripe with company logo in it. The sides of this SUV do not include any lines in it. It is intended to make the car has luxurious impression.

Talking about luxurious impression, in this Chevy Blazer 2017 review and price we are going to discuss about what its interior has to offer. The interior is packed with high quality material. The material used is chosen to make the user feel comfortable. The car interior is designed with elegant taste. Since the dimension of the car is bigger than the previous model, it also has bigger capacity. The car is capable of accommodating up to seven adults in it. Air conditioning system with dual range feature can be found in the interior as well.

The car layout is not the only thing considered by the automaker. They also consider about selecting the best engine specification as well. The power of this car relies on V6 engine with 3.7 liter of capacity. This particular engine is capable of producing up to 332 horsepower. Other alternative in terms of engine specification is 4.0 liter of V8 engine. This engine generates up to 397 horsepower. Aside from selecting the engine specification, you can select the transmission system. Both manual and automatic transmission systems are provided to complete the needs of its driver for reliable handling. As for the price, the MSRP for base model is $40.000. That is completely worth considering the specification mentioned on Chevy Blazer 2017 review and price above.

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