Create More Family Time

If you don’t think you have sufficient family time, remember- creating time is a choice. I encourage you to choose sensibly by following these six tips:

1. It might be cuddle time with your children, or time to read to them or talk with them, or Have a walk with your spouse, or
Cook a meal together. People 15 minutes with you being completely present with your family actually count.

2. Have a weekly family night. Each week program a family night–one hour or longer. Start with less time and build up. 1 family member decides exactly what the family is going to do. You each take turns. This week you will pick dinner outside. Next week your son may select a family video or your kid a distinctive family game, or a TV series, or walk, or store–it really doesn’t matter as long as you all do it together and you do not break the date. This is quality time to be together and enjoy each other and an event.

3. Plan one day a month in which you do no work. You do not think of work, discuss work, or do work– no cell phone, pager, email, or paperwork–nothing work related. Simply spend the day with your family. You don’t need to do anything specific, just be together and expertise being a household. Recovery days are appointments you never violate. You’ll be replenished and renewed.

4. Share positive facets. At dinner time, or some together time, share things you appreciate about each family member. Tell the others what you love. Be focused on what is effective and what is great about each individual. Really feel just how much you love them and how happy you are for that they are. This is a great way to feel connected, appreciated, and to amp up your power and love.

5. Lunch and listen. Create a lunch date with your partner or your children or both and grab a bite together. Catch up, and actually tune in profoundly and listen with your heart to what they need to say. Focus on them and on hearing them and learning more about them. You will feel closer.

6. If it were your last day on earth, what could you do? Be with your loved ones. Plan to be with your loved ones and plan your own time. Ask yourself “What am I overlooking?” Add that to your life. Make your family a primary priority, and think about what you may profit from your time.

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