Firewall and your networking needed

If you hear the word Firewall, then it is not formed in the true sense. Because the firewall is a system or device that allows network traffic that is considered safe for traffic through it and prevent an insecure network. Actually be a wall that is not easily penetrated by the virus to you pc or laptop. There are three services that will provide damage through viruses from the internet. The world wide web, email incoming and outgoing emails. Through all three, if you are not using a firewall, it is tantamount to inviting unwanted guests to ruin you peace and you laptop. Or, you can protect your laptop from a variety of attacks with one condition that will disappoint you: do not connect your laptop and pc with the outside world or the internet. It’s a disaster!

If you do not have a firewall, the consequences can be devastating. Because in a few minutes, you will be attacked through the open ports, and bombarded with popup messages, Trojans, viruses and worms will be loaded on your back, Spyware and Malware will clog your browser. Even on a pc without firewall protection, is found only lasted only two and a half hours!

The way a firewall protects you PC and the laptop is going to remind you of suspicious incoming traffic. So if it finds an attack, he would divert it, and give you a warning about it. In short, you can do one step better and faster before the conduct guerrilla attacks. Initiatives and a heightened awareness is also needed in order to be sustainable due to the excellent result in comfort and safety at the same time.

Generally, firewalls are divided into two simple categories: hardware and software. A hardware firewall can be a router that sits between your computer and the outside world. While the software requires that you install on your PC, and will hide open ports, deflect incoming attacks, and warns you about suspicious outgoing traffic. Such as ZoneAlarm. For additional protection, you can have a software firewall on each computer that sits behind a router.

If you are someone that frequently communicated with the outside world, maybe you pc or laptop equipped with a firewall. Or if you already have an antivirus, then you should check if the antivirus firewall was already there. Although in general, the antivirus is equipped with a firewall. But if you are not behind a router, then you need a software firewall.

In short, if you want to remain connected to the Internet safely and comfortably, then you should you use one.

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