Fruits and Vegetables Make Face Younger

The opinion is not wrong. Before you decide to perform plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures involving the use of chemical substances, there is no harm first eat some fruits and vegetables below to get the look youthful face.

8 Tips Younger

1. Tomatoes

Lycopene in tomatoes can brighten the skin. While the content of vitamin C helps to remove blemishes and pimples. Tomato also has antioxidants that can banish wrinkles and free radicals that damage the skin.

2. Cucumber

Laying slices of cucumber on the eyelids help reduce puffy. But add fresh cucumber into your foods also help produce skin clean, shiny, and reduce acne. The content of silica in cucumber skin increase collagen production, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin elastic and youthful .

3. Carrots

Rich in beta-carotene, eating raw carrots can make the skin supple and youthful. You did not have far to the beach sunbathing, eating one cup of carrots a day to help you get a nice color and shine. You did not worry about exposure to whole solar peru.

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