Gucci Unifies Man And Woman Parades From 2017

Gucci Unifies Man And Woman Parades From 2017

Gucci announced that from 2017 will unify the parades of women and men’s collections. A revolution of the schedule of presentations that was long overdue but that the mark ruled by Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO, and directed by Alessandro Michele, creative director, has the courage to take first.

It was the same Gonzo to make the announcement speaking at the International New York Times Luxury Conference being held in Versailles. Specifying, moreover, that will maintain its strategy of see now, buy later , in compliance with the needs of creative and manufacturing processes of the industry.

Far from susggetioni anericane the see now, buy now, Gucci remains the most brand that changes, both social describing with his fashion, and those needed for a sector that is likely to incartarsi between the commercial gigantism and the need a strong and recognizable creative proposal.

Alessandro Michele has always presented its men’s and women simultaneously, so it is simply an evolution very natural, says Marco Bizzarri about his ad. Opt for a single show for each season will simplify many aspects of our business. Maintaining two distinct and separate calendars is more the result of a legacy of tradition that a practical choice.

A legacy of tradition which no longer has any feedback on current patterns of consumption and creativity, a system born after the creation of ready-to-wear in the 60s, an era that today can be easily defined as a glorious past but also a past that can not give any power to the dynamic development of the current fashion.

So with courage, Gucci embarks on a new path, leaving nostalgia to a system that proves to be very verge of an identity crisis.

For me it is a natural fact present my collections man and woman together. It’s exactly how I see the world today. Will not necessarily be an easy path, but I am certain that this choice will give me the opportunity to differently tell my story telling, says Alessandro Michele, proving once again that absolute harmony, a kind of strategic complicity between the creative part and the management is a winning player to handle the traps that tends constantly a future that seems confused.

The first parade of Gucci Man and Woman will take place in the spaces of the new headquarters of Via Mecenate in Milan, which will presumably be opened on that occasion. Gonzo sure, too, to work in harmony with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion to establish the calendar dates of the shows of the new formula.

Gucci’s decision, however, will make history even in the unlikely event that remained isolated.

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