Hangers DIY With Paintings Branches

Hangers DIY With Paintings Branches

Ideal for creating this hanger wall is cut and paste with a special glue the branches to the bearing surface. For color and design, simply choose according to furnishing the house.

Hangers DIY Suspended

This kind of design coat is really very creative and unique. It needs to hang in “glove” of the chains to the ceiling and insert the hooks a pickled white wooden stick. metal hangers and you’re done.

Hangers DIY ropes

Ideal for an industrial style decor that, in general, has the pipes to view. Hanging ropes of industrial pipes and beams of the house as seen in the image http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, you can do some really creative and perfectly space-saving hanger.

And you which you will create for your home?

Pantone Color 2015, and turquoise, suitable for both winter as the summer. If you want to give a personal touch but do not have the manual, apply the wallpaper. If, however, the color of your room you like but you want to give an original touch, you can use the stencil: butterflies, stars, abstract patterns, lettering, flowers and much more, to be applied on the wall in minutes.
Curtains and cushions

Also change shape and color of the curtains and cushions it helps to renew so low the bedroom. Choose colors, shapes and patterns that usually do not use, to match with pillows and carpets: the room will seem different now.
Chairs and tables

No need to buy new pieces, you can just recycle the furniture grandmother! Relined old armchairs with economic fabrics that have the bright colors and old tables arranged so that you can create a small reading area inside the bedroom: the cost is minimal, but the result will unico.L’altra part of the walls is instead covered by wooden panels that emphasizing the contrast with the white, amplify the sensation of heat.

Also in the master bedroom it is maintained the contrast that is drawn between the walls and white ceilings and the wooden floor, but you can not help but notice another wonderful detail: the window. It is in fact a narrow opening but very extended, which is long adapting well to the architectural style and the space available.The living room has a double soul. On the one hand provides a covered area where you protect yourself in case of cold weather or bad weather, the other opens out on two sides, in order to break down barriers with the surrounding nature and integrate spaces.

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