How Much Do Nurses Make ?

There are many types of nurses, nurses working in hospitals, nursing homes, puskesmas or in private clinic / practice physicians. Nikita, this 24-year-old woman works as a nurse in a private midwife practice operating in Cinere. The tasks Nikita may be in detail different from the nurses who work in the Hospital but the same outline that is caring for people. What are the tasks? Its tasks include checking pregnancy, helping with childbirth, newborn care and postpartum care.

The basic salary Nikita received was Rp. 800.000, and money to eat per day Rp. 20,000. Although the distance between the house and clinic is far away, but Nikita is not given transport money. Nikita gets an extra income if she helps deliver, Rp. 50,000 per head. So if calculated – count, Nikita’s salary is approximately Rp. 1,900,000 to Rp. 2.400.000. “My total salary is uncertain, if many patients are surgery, I like to get incentives about 100-200ribu, then depending also on how many people I give birth” explained Nikita.

Is the salary that big enough? When asked Nikita only a sad smile, he felt his salary is not in accordance with the science and ability because Nikita is S1 Bachelor of Applied Science. Nikita also complained about her working hours. He worked from 6am to 10am and again from 4pm to 9pm and during that long pause Nikita was not allowed to return to her residence but rested in a dormitory near the clinic where she worked. So what happens when Nikita gets sick? Nikita does not get insurance from her company but she can take free medicine at the clinic and if Nikita does not come in for any reason money will not be fed. The Nikita company does not have a Trade Union but Nikita is allowed to become a member of the Trade Union outside, although Nikita is still not interested in joining the Unions,

When asked about his impression about the website , again Nikita smiled as he said, “Actually very good website, very useful unfortunately there are still many people in Indonesia who underestimate the educational information provided ¬†making They are lazy, indifferent and unwilling to learn “.

The messages from Nikita that might be useful for developing your future salary project are hopefully the information on her pay check can be more specific and accurate, never get bored to educate and promote your salary website and have a website How Much Do Nurses Make introduction to the offices. Nikita added that Dutch WageIndicator to continue to support your pay program until all classes can enjoy the facilities and information provided.

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