How to Get Direct Access to Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

When you want to take part in the furniture industry, you know that coming directing to the manufacturer will cut expenses and cost to the most minimum level. Well, it can be more than 50%. That’s why you want to know your direct link and channel to Indonesian furniture manufacturers. It may not be easy, but it is worth the efforts.

woood teak chairs and tables

Getting the Access of Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers

Foreign furniture sellers or companies are always find it difficult to gain access to the first Indonesian furniture manufacturers but it is not a difficult thing to do, if you know how to do it properly. First of all, feel free to check the annual furniture events where local manufacturers can join and display their products. Such an event is worth checking for, seriously. Besides the fact that you are given the opportunity to view hundreds of various products and displays, you can also get a direct contact with the manufacturers. The downside of such an event is the publicity. You need to really open your eyes and ears for the latest updates because they are often not made public. But once you have gone to such an event, you should be able to get more information from the committee or the organizer and ask them to keep you updated with the latest info concerning public events.

Second, make sure to gain access to the online directories of Indonesian furniture manufacturers. Some of the local manufacturers are smart enough to embrace the technology and use the online marketing system. The directories can provide quite thorough and complete information about different types of furniture as well as the manufacturers producing them. Are you looking for only teak furniture? They are some manufacturers that are running the show. Are you looking for manufacturers producing different kinds of furniture from different materials? There are some options available. Do you want rattan only furniture with modern design? Are you looking for furniture with traditional shapes and designs only? The directory can really help.

Third, go on a vacation in Indonesia and explore the small cities, Consider it a holiday. The small cities aren’t like the big ones, for sure, but they often keep the hidden gems and potentials. The local Indonesian furniture manufacturers are often located in these areas. Feel free to explore around and gain a direct access to these manufacturers. They are local, alright, and they mostly operate in small scale production but they can be a great potential if you know how. Unfortunately, not many people understand this. First of all, they may not have the time. Second, they think that doing exploration is costly.

Keep in mind, though, that you are given with various options and alternatives so make sure that you have chosen the right one. Some of the options may have costly implementation at the beginning but you can generally save more on the long term. Be sure, though, that working together with Indonesian furniture manufacturers can improve your chances of gaining access to beautiful varieties of wooden products as well as promising furniture business.

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