Iphone 7 Best Cheap Price $800?

US technology giant, Apple, is busy developing the latest smartphone Iphone 7. Iphone 7 price leak is rumored to have appeared in cyberspace.

As quoted from Gsmarena, Friday (24/06/2016), according to information on social networking China, Weibo, Apple will launch the latest smartphone Iphone 7, Iphone 7 Plus and Iphone 7 Pro.

Latest smartphone price Iphone 7 32 GB cheapest version will be sold US $ 800. While the most expensive variant Iphone 7 Pro with 256 GB of internal memory will be sold $1.3k.Iphone 7 Best Cheap

While the price of the latest smartphone Iphone 7 Plus 32 GB version of the cheapest US $ 925. Highly priced Iphone 7 Pro because the specification is much higher than Iphone 7 and Iphone Plus. Iphone 7 Pro will be reinforced ceramic body with additional Apple Pencil and smart keyboard.

In addition, the latest smartphone Iphone 7 is rumored to have been in production. Apple’s flagship smartphone production is done in Pegatron manufacturer. Pegatron was made Apple as one manufacturer maker Iphone 7 besides Foxconn. Foxconn and Pegatron are both located in Taiwan.

The latest smartphone-making news Iphone 7 in Pegatron and Foxconn deployed by Hemmerstoffer’s Twitter account, @Onleaks. Just like @evleaks, @Onleaks account also often leak smartphone-made smartphone world-class vendors.

According to @Onleaks, the latest smartphone Iphone 7 that made Pegatron has a 4.7 inch screen size. While in Foxconn, a smartphone made 5.5-inch screen size known as the Iphone 7 Plus.

According to news circulating the latest smartphone display Iphone 7 will be similar to the previous generation Iphone. The existence of blue color makes gray or gray space variants will not be contrived Apple.

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