Minimalism In The Kitchen

Minimalism In The Kitchen

It is the modern style the true protagonist of this kitchen. A project that sees the triumph of minimalism with the furniture from the essential character and very light colors. The coating of parquet flooring gives a sense of warmth and welcome environment.

Different front finishes

Use different finishes for the facade gives a great added value, from the aesthetic point of view, for the external look of the house. Different materials also have a different way of reacting to external agents and a different thermal behavior, then this differentiation can also be made taking into account the orientation of the house.

Economic restructuring that gives valuable insights

In designing the house that will become our permanent home in the future, certainly there are many aspects that we need to consider, and that is able to escape, because they require a particular vision. Some small foresight in fact are not simple to be considered in advance, but are more easily experience. It is therefore essential to take inspiration from completed projects, maybe starting from simple residences, not Pharaonic, which have a budget close to that of the project we are about to accomplish. This house curated by interior designer Vanda Carobrezzi is a good starting point. It is a simple project, unpretentious, but with the attention that make a big difference in terms of functionality and comfort. Let’s check!


The stone wall

Not only wood. Another room, another show. The protagonist, in this case, is the raw stone which covers the entire wall giving great personality to the environment. Thanks to this coating can breathe a strong rustic atmosphere despite the home makeover was done in a modern way.

The white doors

The large space of the bedroom was divided so as to get the bathroom in line with the same style of the other rooms. The main elements of both areas remain the fine parquet in light colors, the stone walls and white furniture. Continuity elements that ensure harmony between the environments. To divide the two rooms a decent sliding door that does not take away space to either environments.

A bathroom in which triumphs modernity

We conclude this little tour through the rooms of this wonderful event throwing a blind eye to the modern elements that make up this bathroom. Also in this room, then character is the essential design of furnishings. The angled mirror helps the perception of depth and therefore increases the size of the space.

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