BMW M5 2017 – The emergence of new creativity of the group modified variants make the car more visibly impressed and look cooler. As done by a German automotive company that has the skills and specification modifications to the vehicle, made a successful G-Power BMW 6 Series sports sedan so the king of the streets.

BMW M6 F13 BMW M6 gained the nickname, the company claims that this newest BMW M6 so that the fastest compared to other BMW M6 was modified. This spot mamang car remains so popular variant especially in the group of car enthusiasts contest.

modified cars bmw m6 latest f13

This BMW sports sedan can captivate fans of super fast cars, especially coupled with the appearance of a new design as well as reforms in the interior can make the car more spectacular and certainly really cool.

G-Power gave a combined finishes with such elegant sports cars, to the issue of speed controlled by a BMW M6 F13 certainly can not be doubted, and like where detai modifications done by G-Power’s, see below.

Modifications BMW M6 F13

Home modifications G-Power did vary the turn on dapurpacu with such careful calculations and estimate when the ongoing shortfall in rate as well as the effect of the machine. G-Power BMW M6 F13 claims if this can give a maximum power up to 640hp and reach a peak torque of 777 Nm and to make it one among the advantages of this car.

Performance BMW M6 naturally a fairly large turnover, initially BMW M6 regular turnover that does not have these modifications, can only produce a maximum power of 560 mobile phones and 680 Nm of torque only.

BMW M6 F13 are modified can go by bagging speed of 315 km / h, with a lap time it takes to accelerate from rest to 100km situation / h just need time 3. 8 seconds. BMW M6 F13’s performance was really very flattering, that sort of thing to come from the turn of the turbocharger on the engine 4.

4-liter V8 with a supercharger ASA has M6 in Bi-Tronik III package. Perhaps this supercharger unit can mempuni same with BMW turbochargers feature, but it can give greater acceleration and more powerful.

BMW M6 F13 has a turn of the modifications on the system, the team G-Power M6 electronic locker system with a new software system. With this last system will serve fuel supply fitting and mechanical G-Power has accounted for the fitting and do various experiments were performed on the F13 M6 is to produce a superfast car with a new appearance style.

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