Nail Decorations Easy To Do With Nail Polish Or Gel

Nail Decorations Easy To Do With Nail Polish Or Gel

In this video we present a decoration for nails, easy and trendy the one with the macramé lace. Great for all occasions, marriage, ceremonies, but also super-trendy for every day.

The trend nails for 2012-2013 wants a simple decoration, the short nails, with fancy designs and original.

Great charm and ease of implementation have these nails decorated with macrame lace, must have this year.

In this video, the simple decoration is obtained with a stencil Konad Stamping and with a small, delicate rose-shaped sticker. Here’s how it’s done and everything you need for this simple nail art with nail polish

Base coat or clear nail polish as a base
A pearly white nail polish (pink)
Special nail polish black for drawing
Stencil and stamp to the macramé lace form
Nail Stickers
Nail polish remover


After careful manicure, removing the cuticles and cut the nails of the desired size, you get a round or square toe, depending on your needs.
Go through the transparent base coat.
Past the pearly nail polish and wait until it is dry.
Now pour the nail polish on special stencil.
Gather the excess liquid with a spatula.
Using the stamp, printed on the diagonal design on the tip of the nail being careful to bet about half the entire nail.
Clean debris and proceed.
Pour the black nail polish on the mold in the form of embroidery as you see in the video and finish the decoration for the remaining part of the nail.

Decorations simple, colorful nails

For a gallery of colorful ideas, the advice is the video of L’Oreal.

not too long nails, colored and fluorescent are the trend throughout 2012. Key elements of nail art design of the moment

polka dot

Good job with the decorations simple choices from us!

The yellow (365-68-69) it is the most cheerful shades and sun, ideal for the first part of the day or for a gold look or in total white.
Oranges (356-57-58-59) a range of orange ranging from fishing, salmon melon, apricot; for combinations with autumn heather, rust, or, in contrast, the total black, orange lends a nail sensual and safe art itself.
The purple (378-379-380-363-64-65) the entire range of lilac, light purple, plum, gray-purple, purple eggplant), purple until pink tatoo, this nouance by the ability to vary the manicure to the tune of the classic red, with decidedly autumnal shades.

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