Offline Google Docs, is it ready to be launched?

Google docs so far can only be enjoyed online, so that without the Internet we can not open documents that have been stored or marked in Google. For that reason that Google receives many requests to launch Chrome OS with one important upgrade comes to Google Docs, the ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software while not connected to the Internet. Called Offline Google Docs.

Offline Google Docs planned to arrive early this year, but Google is pushing back. In May, Google promised offline Google Docs this summer and said it was testing the internal features. And it seems, not only internally: because Google does not officially Operating System blog reports of cases in which the reader see the status of the black bar at the top of the browser window with the label “Documents Online,” “lost network connection,” alert and clear link to “switch to a mode online “and” switch to offline mode. ”

Google make an application to make slide presentations still made online. However, Google will extend the offline access to applications and other services in the Google Apps package. This online application package containing Gmail, Calendar, Talk and other features.

Google Docs offline will be launched in the short term. But the long term is if you access the URL Dock when offline, it should open the local copy of the doc and let you edit. When you go online all the edits you get synchronized in the background. You should also be able to see a list of your docs temporarily offline.

However, Google Docs offline also has shortcomings, especially if you need to edit some parts of the document. Because Google Docs offline version can only see the document without editing it.

Even offline access to Docs and Apps had actually started its development since the open-source technology developed by Google in May 2007, but until now Google only built Gears offline functionality to Reader RSS feed manager.

Hopefully one day-soon-of course, Google has established one of the Google apps package, because it can further expand its power in the competitive world of gadgets scaffolding so PC users can use alternative applications that cheap and universal than MS Office. What do you think? Is it sounded pretty good idea?

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