PHOTO GALLERY COEN Koenigsegg who make a scene

For all of you readers who are curious about Koenigsegg’s car, here’s Koenigsegg’s PHOTO COPY GALLERY which will make you drool.

Specifications of this car there are many, depending on the model and the willingness of the buyer. But here are some that we can give untk you who are curious.

Koenigsegg is specially designed as a luxury Mega car that can be made speeding and for everyday roads. This car uses twin-turbo V8 engine combustion engine is very powerful, of course hitech. You will not find the term gearbox in this car. The convenience and the many features are the main focus for this car maker and the turpentine is making the fastest cars on the planet – around a racetrack or anywhere else.

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To be sure, all the cars are handcrafted alias handmade, and this is what makes the price not cheap bro!

Luxury is everything, and driving comfort will make you king. Everything is combined into one, ranging from car weight, technology, form and efficiency always be number one. You will be dumbfounded, even if you can ride this car, the sound of the car engine coming into the cabin is 0 decibels! absolute silence.

Ever wear a car with LUXURY frills? will not be comparable with luxury  this car.

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