Proven Practices To Breeding Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos are the easiest to breed in the lizard family. Other lizards don’t breed as well as the leopard geckos do when in captivity. Not to mention they are well liked for their amazing appearances, nice colors and exceptional skin patterns. They are quite the specimens when bred to create even more special types. Learn more about leopard gecko care sheet here

In order to successfully breeding leopard geckos you have to make sure they are sexually matured female and male. If you find yourself baffled because you can’t tell the difference between the sexes, well it is easier than you might have thought. Here is how to tell if you have a male and or a female. Turn them over and examine other side. Usually male geckos distinct hemipenal bulges under the vent near the tail. Another way to tell if it’s a male is by having pre anal pores that will shape like a ‘V’ above his vent right inside the hind legs. Female leopard geckos don’t have the hemipenal bulges under their vent instead they might have pre anal pits. Pay careful attention to when sexing a female over weight she may be shown to have bulges as well just know it is fat.

Only mature, fully grown and healthy adults should mate as age, health and weight play a factor on determining if they can mate. The female leopard geckos should be 1 yr old and weigh a bare minimum of 50 grams. Male geckos on the other hand should be at least 8 months and weight a bare minimum of 45 grams. For the actual mating to take place it just as easy as putting them together in the same container. Some will mate right then and there while others might take some times up to a few days. The thing you can do is give them some time alone together for a few days. The moment they are together the male gecko will get very aggressive. He will start to bite her she will fight back only if she not ready to mate. It is normal even if to you they look like they are fighting each other. The male might produce loud noises with its tail by shaking the tip quickly.  After a few days past and the two have not got it together yet then place them apart for a couple days and start the process again.

Give the female a nice and fitting container for her eggs. Breeders have to supply the necessary elements for a good experience. After a few week of mating, the female leopard gecko will lay her first batch or clutch of eggs. A clutch will have one to two eggs. Be sure to use humid hide with moist bed-a=beast. Leopard geckos are known to lay eight clutches every year each clutch get laid every two to four week. An incubator should be use after the eggs are laid. Nice tip to know is that the temperature determines the sex of the babies. Let’s say the incubator is set to around 80 degrees the batch will be female. But if the incubator is set to a higher temperature about 90 degrees, the clutch will be male. Now, if incubating gecko eggs at 85 degrees this will produce a batch that is mix.

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