Risk Modification of Standard Car Seat So captain seat

Changing Car Seat with Captain Seat model can be done by doing custom. Although doing custom then will get a luxurious look than the standard, but the results will not be as perfect as factory-made.

For the risk of course there, considering the manufacture entirely using the hand. So for the problem of the form is similar but the result will be less perfect. In addition to the issue of price modifications make Car seats standard so Captain Seat of course also different. For the price of custom seats Captain Seat is usually in the range of $200.

Standard Car Seat So captain seat

To do the custom process of the seat of course must be done release, and usually the car seats left in the workshop to make modifications. In the process The third row seat that initially can accommodate three people will be cut into two, the left and right. On the inside of each seat will be made arm rest (hand holder) is called a captain seat.

If you have finished modifying the standard car seat so Capatain seat will not be 100% similar. On arm strength also has a difference, if made from the factory then it can be occupied while for the custom is not so strong. In addition to the custom seat there is no table, but the problem to be folded or coated using leather seats can be done.

So any change or turnover there is a risk, all the options in your hands, do you want to do modification of the seats Standard car so captain seat or not?

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