Russian Economy “Sick”, Putin Cuts Her Own Gross

Russia’s “sick” economic condition prompted President Vladimir Putin to order his pay cut. Putin’s order also applies to all Russian officials.

The amount of deductions ordered by Putin Putin is 10 percent. Russia’s economy slumped after world oil prices tumbled and worsened by economic sanctions imposed from Western countries, including the United States (US).

President Putin has ruled Russia since 2009 until now. He was prime minister and now president. The 10 percent wage cut rule has become a law signed by Putin on Friday (6/3/2015).

“Starting from March 1 and ending on December 31, 2015, the monthly salary of the President of the Russian Federation (Putin), Head of the Government of the Russian Federation (Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), as well as quarterly bonuses cut by 10 percent,” the official Kremlin website said. News.

Mr Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that Putin delivered the news during a meeting of permanent members of Russia’s Security Council on Friday.

Earlier this week, Russian State Duma spokesman Sergey Naryshkin said lawmakers had planned to ask Putin to impose a wage cut as part of Russia’s government budget plan.

Russian parliamentarians are paid around US $ 6,700 or about Rp87 million. While the average salary of government officials Putin about half of the salary of MPs.

Putin own salary alone no one knows exactly. However, his net worth is estimated at US $ 200 billion or about Rp2.6 billion.

In December 2014, Putin was asked by reporters about his salary as president of Russia. “Frankly, I do not even know my own salary, they just give it to me, and I keep it in my account,” said Putin.

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