Salary Nurses Indonesia, How Much Do Nurses Make?

The nurse is currently a profession being sought in developed countries with nursing shortage. In Kuwait, even though this profession is well rewarded with income belonging to the middle class. We are expatriate nurses (average) earning half of expatriate doctors, so for Kuwaity nurses their average salary is half their doctors (most developed countries, almost the same).

Do not Ask in Indonesia ???

The nurse’s salary may be 1: 10 with a GP or 1: 100 with a specialist, but hours and work demands are greater. Here nurses are also more appreciated (sometimes patients and families are fussy and complainable), but for public services, administration, etc. if we say “I am a nurse in, …… hospital” – they generally consider and “respect”.

Moreover in countries such as the United States, Australia, Britain and other developed countries. Sometimes that makes a small number of Indonesian nurses who are currently working abroad a bit happy, in contrast to when in their own country.

For me who just happened to never work in RS in Indonesia as a full time staff and only become CI in hospital only (that too just to guide student AKPER / STIKES). It has never felt the risk of being a nurse. Let’s say the nurse’s salary in Indonesia is Rp 1 million / month, it seems that if calculated by the cost incurred during college it is “far from the fire” (the heat is not cold nor clear).

Try to count When is the BEP (Break Event Point) ????

Average SPP AKPER / STIKES Private per semester currently Rp. 5 million, living expenses (boarding, meals and books) around Rp. 1.5 million then per semester money for college etc. that need to be issued by parents is Rp 14 million per semester. So say for AKPER total investment of parents is Rp. 14 million x 6 semesters = Rp. 84 million (not with others) until graduation. For S1 Nursing course becomes larger, say with 9 semesters means to be Rp. 126 million.

Maybe a little bit different from those who study at AKPER Negeri, or PTN (Faculty of Nursing). But let’s say those who study in the country half of the private (one of my friends just graduated in the extension FIK UI, up 60 million). Alhamdulillah once my college got the same PTN (Program A 1992, his new SPP 250 rb / smstr, kost at State Printing 90 rb per month, eat pretty expensive too 10 rb per day, same book only). This is called INFLATION. And 10 more years may be to nurse the expenses incurred by parents to 2 times.

If we are currently working as a nurse in Indonesia say work in 2 RS total income 2 million a month, sabetan 1 million a month (average cost of living in Jakarta 1.5 million a month, 1 million monthly mortgage a month, then saving 500 rb per month) . To return Lecture Capital (BEP) means 500 rb x 12 = 6 million per year saving us, then for BEP college in AKPER is 14 years and S1 means 21 years.

Let’s get our salary up too, OK but consider the prices (Inflation) also go up. How Much Do Nurses Make
Now if we work in LN maybe the BEP could be accelerated (Early Pension). Let’s say that we saving per year, in LN can we saving so per 2 months for example, then BEP AKPER is 84 million: 36 million / year = 2 years, 3 months and S1 Nursing: 3, 5 years hmmmm Not bad !! !!

We as a nurse do not have to compare with BEP Other professions, just remain confident and focused that being a nurse is the best thing for us. And a little SMART in developing prosperity, education and professional dignity.

My message (DO NOT FOLLOW IF NOT SURE). If we still have salaries in the range of UMR (+ – 10%) (Jakarta the regional minimum wage (UMR) for 2006 to Rp 816.000 ($ 93) per month) try to peek other opportunities and just rush out.

And try to calculate our Salary count in hours (DO NOT in MONTHS) !!!.
1 million a month = Rp. 6,250 (hourly) total working hours 40 hours / week on average
5 million a month = Rp. 31.250 (hourly)
10 million a month = Rp. 62,500 (hourly)
50 million a month = Rp. 312,500 (hourly)

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