Things That Can and Do Not Do By Long Hair Owners

If you want your long hair look beautiful and riveting, of course you must take care of it regularly. Long hair care baseball difficult, really. Previously, first know what the owner of long hair can and should not do!

Do: Washing Hair Properly

Wash your hair using the right product and the right way. Sign, you need to adjust your hair type with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask you use. For example, special products dry hair, damaged hair, or colored.

When washing your hair, try to keep the shampoo centered on the scalp alone. In fact, the most dirty part of the hair is the scalp, because it always produces sebum and dead skin cells. The middle to the end of the hair is not dirty easily unless you often use styling products such as hairspray. Imagine if the end of the hair is susceptible to dry and cracked often exposed to shampoo? Just before rinsing, clean the hair shaft with shampoo, with gentle movements.

Long Hair Owners

Do not: Tying and Combing Hair

When finished shampooing, maybe you are tempted to tie a hair or comb a tangled hair. Hold that desire first, because the wet hair is more easily broken. The solution, comb first with a toothed finger or comb rarely after using the conditioner, then use the hairpin.

Do: Protect Hair

Unexpectedly, sunlight, sea water, and swimming pool water can damage hair. All three make the hair dry, rough, and more easily broken. When to sunbathe, use the protectant spray before tying it to high bun, so as not much exposure to sunlight.

Before swimming, the owner of long hair is obliged to wet the hair so that the pool water is not much absorbed by the hair. After swimming, immediately wash your hair using shampoo.

Do not: Styling Products

If you want long hair look good, avoid using hairdressing products such as hairspray or hair dryer and catokan too often. In fact, hairspray contains alcohol that can make hair dry in the long term, you know. Heat styling tools generally use temperatures up to 180 ° C that are very damaging to hair.

Forced? Use heat protection spray like TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray before styling hair with high temperature.

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