Tips For You Stay Healthy On Rainy Season

At the end of the year as it is now the intensity of the rain has started to rise. A sign of the rainy season has arrived.

Warning for us all to get ready for the rainy season, a season which kerab in coloring many people sick. Because germs and seed growing pengakit more freely in the rainy season. Not to mention the many puddles in the rainy season makes the seeds grow many mosquitoes as much.

Tips For You Stay Healthy On Rainy Season

1. Make sure you keep hygienic every day

The rainy season makes the humidity is so high that the bacteria grow more. The reason why you become more susceptible to disease in the rainy season. Thus it seemed important to maintain personal hygiene. Gunu closes and prevents germs and germs are not easily enter the body.

2. Keeping the environment clean

Rain and waterlogging has become a package in our country. Not to mention that flooding and muddy. Plus a high level of kelembab allow germs to breed. The environment around us tend to be dirtier than in the dry season.

Before everything becomes more severe, immediately clean up the environment. Make sure there are no drains were clogged, so that there are no puddles. Throw garbage in its place. And, importantly do not let your home page bush wilderness tub. Because it is all not good for health.

3. Do not forget to drink enough water

The chill of the rainy season does not mean you forget to drink water. Due to the cold weather makes us not feel thirsty. Out of habit many people, the new drink if you feel thirsty.

In fact need to drink in the rainy season and the dry season is the same, namely 1.5 liters per day. If more gratitude. So do not be mistaken if you drink only when thirsty. Keep drinking needs always enough. Endurance in order to remain immune from the disease.

4. Keep your intake of healthy foods

Whatever season we are advised to eat healthy foods. Especially in this rainy season where erratic weather that never makes you easy to get sick.

In this rainy season delicious eating warm food. Thin foods such as soup broth, chicken soup and other healthy foods berkuah are suitable to be enjoyed in the cold rain.

5. Get plenty of sleep

The rainy season is making greater sleepiness than in summer. Do not mind this sleepiness, take a minute to rest.

But remember, do not sleep too over. Because it can make the body weak and stiff muscles. And do not be too much to stay up, because that would be bad. Sleep with a reasonable portion.

6. Wear thick clothes

In the rainy season, there let you save only thin clothes in the closet. Because it is less suitable clothing worn in the rainy season. Especially if you’re the majority of activities are outdoors. Thick and warm clothes are fit once worn in order to protect your body from the cold rain.

Welcome practiced yes the above tips to maintain health in the rainy season. Hopefully useful and we all stay healthy and vigor.

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