Tips To Make Schedule For Active Social Media

Social media marketing is not a one-time, but sustainable job. No matter how good your content is, it’s never going to work once in a while. The follower will forget you.

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One more, social media marketing strategy is not just creating content. There are other jobs that MUST do, these are some of them: interact with follower and influencer, content planning, statistical analysis and goal, planning and experimentation

To simplify the process, please follow this daily, weekly, and monthly task

Daily tasks:

Reply to the mentions, messages, and comments that come in monitoring keywords, publish or schedule new content, search for material for new content

Looking for people who have many followers (influencers): interact with influencers, interact with the follower, create an image for content, creating content for the community.

Weekly tasks:

Analyze content in the past week, analysis of the increase and decrease that occurs, analysis of goals and targets that have been determined, hashtag analysis, held an event (webinar, Twitter chat, etc.), looking for a new community, website optimization for social media

Monthly duty:

Checking the created goal, create a new goal, plan a new experiment for next month, update profile photo- description-bio, make adjustments to the frequency and schedule of posts.

Congratulations! Now you understand the basics of social media marketing. But we’re just about to start. Please continue to chapter 2 to become a social media marketing expert.

Frequent Errors Occurred

In applying social media marketing strategies, far more people fail than those that work. Therefore, the best way to learn is to understand what are common mistakes and solutions.

Enhance Follower

Follower and like are the 2 benchmarks that we often make the basic reference in the success of social media marketing. In this chapter, there are more than 60 strategies to increase your followers on Instagram and Twitter as well as on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

As the world’s largest social media, Facebook is very interesting to be a marketing tool. In this chapter is discussed 8 steps, step-by-step you have to do to be able to dominate Facebook.

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