When Can Babies Hear and See?

Being a mother is an exciting experience. Holding the baby in your arms will dilute all the pain you experience postpartum and you often make sure that the baby is comfortable at all times.

Of course many questions that arise when you just became a mother. For example, when a child can hear a voice and see whether the baby is hungry or sleepy or how does the mother communicate with the baby ?.

As reported by Boldsky, newborns see the world differently. They may be a little fussy after birth, but that’s because they lose the warmth of the womb. The baby will have a special way to communicate his needs to you. So you do not have to worry and follow the stages.

The baby may look uncomprehending, but he quickly develops and tries to understand the world around him. Babies develop rapidly while they are in their mother’s womb. Babies are able to detect sounds since the third trimester.

Yes, the baby can hear a voice, even while still in the womb and he is most familiar with the mother’s voice and heart rate.

In fact, mother’s heartbeat is the most soothing sound for a baby. That’s why doctors advise to hold your baby near the chest in order to calm him at first birth. Well, the baby is also familiar with some songs that he listened to before his birth.

During his first month in the outside world, the sound of the world is clear to the baby, but he can distinguish between sounds, after the first month. You may notice that your baby can switch to your voice and is also struck by a sudden sound, like a loud door.

Babies love soft sounds, such as a soothing sleepy lullaby or buzzing fan. This is because he is used to hearing a constant voice inside your body. Babies may actually sleep soundly when there is a soft sound in the room, compared to total silence.

Meanwhile, infant vision is least developed at birth. He can only see as far as 8 to 12 inches. More than that, everything seemed blurry or vague. They also can not distinguish between colors and can only focus on a contrasting image.
New baby will be able to see your face while feeding. For that she feels more attached to you as time passes. However, babies are very interested in removing objects and bold patterns that might interest him.

When they are about four months old, they begin to feel the color and the world seems like a large color canvas for them.

Babies are small, fast-growing miracles. However, each baby is different from the others. So, maybe not worth to compare. You also do not have to worry if the baby does not show signs of development faster, it’s just that they do not want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and want to grow at their own pace.

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