Young Women Similar This fact grandmothers Post Plastic Surgery

Want to look more attractive, young woman doing plastic surgery at the age of 17’s. But the result was that instead of making it look pretty, it actually looks like a granny.

Women who feel the negative impact of plastic surgery was named Xiaolian origin Guangdong Province, China. As quoted Rocket News, Xiaolian, did not like the shape of her face that she thinks are too skinny. His dislike grew when he worked said the same thing, “thin face like a beggar.”  kylie jenner before

Duh, Young Women Similar This fact grandmothers Post Plastic Surgery

Xialolian decided to do plastic surgery to his face look better. He came to a beauty clinic that turned out procedures for its operation is not in accordance with the purse.

In the circumstances disappointed due to not having sufficient funds, a friend suggested Xiaolian visited other clinics. According to the friend, the clinic can provide the same operating procedure only with a more affordable cost. He also went to the clinic and see the doctor quite convincing so do not hesitate to do plastic surgery there.

In 2009, nearly a year after the surgical procedure at the clinic, Xiaolian different feel on his face. Whether to be more beautiful? No. His face was even so swollen. Nose, eyes and other parts of her face changed shape.

And in 2013, his face became more swollen. Not only that, his hair was falling out. Its appearance now is much different from the new age of 20 years old. Her face now looked more like a grandmother.

Xiaolian now experiencing severe trauma on the change in his face. He was to think of suicide. All medical examinations have been done, but according to no medical beyond the normal things of his body. Upon further investigation, he has found that it does cosmetic procedures used illegally. He received an injection in the face that was supposed to breast enlargement. Actual sales of the drug has been banned in China because it is dangerous for the body.

Xiaolian now doing repairs on his face with the back surgery in Guangzhou. It takes a long time to make his face back to normal.

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